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Wei Guotan Gave the Speech of “The First Lesson”to the 2020 Freshmen
Author:Zhong Wen / Xu XuTime:2020-10-15Clicks:

On the evening of October 12, Wei Guotan, Secretary of the Party Committee of 金沙, gave the first speech of ideological and political theory to 5045 freshmen,2020  with the title of "Firm Ideals and Beliefs, Practice Excellent Skills to Join the Great Cause of China".

Wei said that 2020 is a very special year. We have experienced a lot of unforgettable things and deeply felt the power of faith and the responsibility of youth. He Shared three aspects: firstly, we need to feel the power of faith, and remember why the CPC can, why Marxism can, and why Chinese characteristics are good. Secondly is that we need to perceive the experience of the 金沙. The 37 years of development has created the 金沙 with strong strength, brand reputation, beautiful environment, excellent conditions and good employment. Thirdly, we should shoulder the responsibility of being a member of 金沙 with ideal and belief, real ability and learning and full of sunshine.

"The first lesson" raised a warm response, all the freshmen said that they will have ideals and beliefs and try to be a member of the 金沙 with faith.


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